Thursday, February 19, 2009

Come What? May.

I just found out that one of my favorite authors is coming to Seattle and it’s almost guaranteed I’ll be able to go! Given that my last opportunity to see her went down in a fiery ball of disappointment (although the fault was really due to an impromptu trip to Hawaii so . . . ) I’m uber-excited this time. May is turning into an exciting month for me. Please to enjoy all the glory to come broken down into easily readable tidbits.

May 13th: Flight of the Conchords live in Seattle! Add bonus points for the fact that my new gentlemen friend (hereafter known as Miyagi) bought us tickets to this show three months in the future without even considering whether we’d still be together then! Subtract points for my mindless exclamation upon hearing the news that it was “terribly optimistic” of him. Don’t think THAT hasn’t come back to bite me. (Extra bonus points for Miyagi for NOT taking it the wrong way.)

May 19th: The glory and grace of Jen Lancaster in my very own Third Place Books! Highlights include the fact that she’s cool enough to pick the most awesome of independent book retailers in the area, and with a pub inside the store she’ll likely get a little smashed and I’ll have my chance to prove my worth as her witty, yet sober, friend whom she simply must include in her writerly-social circles. The trick is to make sure THEY’RE the drunken ones.

May 22-25th: FOLKLIFE. FolklifeFolklifeFolklife. Again, last year’s Folklife experience was snatched from me at the hands of an awesome graduation gift (did I mention I got a tan?) and I can feel my hippie-soul crying out for release. I’m already practicing my drum circle routines and saving up for loads of head scarves, ceramic mugs, piroshkies, and at least one caricature of myself and Miyagi. Preferably where I don’t have freckles on my nose (just big pores thankyouverymuch Mr. Makemeselfconcious-artist-man.)

May1st/May 8th: Nerd-tastic movie releases of Wolverine AND Star Trek. For once in my life I will not have to barter with/threaten roommates to accompany me because Miyagi-san not only appreciates both franchises, he REVELS in them. Much like myself. I admit I’m somewhat more partial to Wolverine, if only for the high nerd-factor in comparing the history of Wolverine with the original comics. Also, in true Yanaj fashion, I’m most excited to see Liev Schriber in such a bad-@$$ role. What about Hugh Jackman you ask? Meh. He’ll do.

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HPLuvr said...

Meh? He'll do???!?! Obviously you are too preoccupied with Miyagi, so I'll forgive you. So you'll still be in the area around the end of May...beginning of June eh?