Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'd like to Bond with some of that James!

Things I want to tell you but that I'm too lazy to put in paragraph form.

Currently my viewing count of Casino Royal is up to 3, with the possibility of a 4th by the end of the week.

One of those times involved a fire-alarm not potent enough to pull me and Haras out of our perfect seats.

We may or may not have cheated our way into extra rain checks after said showing.
And by 'we' I mean Haras. I, on the other hand, was forced to quickly stifle a "well yes, my good man, we have in fact received the proper dosage of rain checks that you were so obliging as to bestow on us earlier, and no we are not in need of any additional ones because that would be deceitful, and dishonest."

It came out as "Wuuuhhh yeeeaaaahhhshssup"

The only thing worse than being in a theater filled with couples, is realizing that you and your roommate are still wearing your ugly Christmas sweaters from a party earlier that night, and that you actually do look like the sad lesbian couple you always joke about being.

With each viewing I’m convinced that Haras and I will undoubtedly fill the show with multiple inside jokes that will entertain us for months, but I end up becoming too flustered by the magnitude of Daniel Craig to be witty.

Instead I find my self grinning stupidly for two and a half hours and giggling every time he has his shirt off.

The lessons I've learned from Bond have given me a sense of reckless abandon which allowed me to successfully navigate my way around a possible encounter with a friend I did not wish to talk to.

Said encounter may have involved frantic tiptoeing through isles, numerous back flips while pondering the paradox of being half monk half hit man executing all moves with Bond-like composure, and finally seeking refuge in the Spanish section of the library.

But without the back flips.

I only do back flips when no one is watching.