Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fashion Insider 2004

Janay is a black barbie doll.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The force is strong with this one

It happened again. I was psychic again.

Hey can you fix my computer? I’m too inexperienced and generally not-as-smart as you are to understand how to work with email.

Don’t worry about it. It’s what I do.

JANAY moves like a ninja to the adjacent cubicle, lithely slipping into the welcoming office chair and reclining at a comfortable 45 degree angle. Her fingers tap decisively on the black, Dell keyboard.

I think I DejaVu’d this very scenario.

JANAY emphasizes the word “DejaVu’d” as if to say “notice my witty ability to verb nouns that you would never use in normal conversation.”

What do you mean? Remember, I am generally not-as-smart as you are and am confused by your witty ability to verb nouns.


I saw this before. I come over to fix your computer and while I was working on it you figure it out. It turns out to be some stupid little thing.

Longer Pause**

Did I log in as the right user?

Frantically JANAY closes and restarts the email program that is the bane of all QA-testers, the hellish demon known as Lotus Notes. ELISABETH’S suspicions are confirmed as the user name field is pre-filled with the previous user. A wide smile appears on ELISABETH’S face and she slowly lifts her hand to cover her gaping mouth.

That’s the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen.

My work here is done. Feel free to come back to me for all your psychic computer needs.

End Scene

By the way I have a magic 8 ball that I OBVIOUSLY don’t need anymore if anyone wants it.

* Some Z’s may have been replaced with S’s to protect the innocent.
** Pauses may have been elongated for dramatic effect.